Saturday, December 16, 2006

Had a much more productive day today than yesterday, which was distressingly nap-ful. Finished a pretty detailed scene-by-scene outline of Act I, solved some problems which seemed intractable yesterday—why is this character so boring? Answer: because you made him a saint. Oh, right. A couple of my characters, however, are really terrible people—why is it so much fun to write them?

Tonight was taco night, where I gorged myself, then I took over for someone in a Scrabble game, where I appropriately made the bingo "OUTEATS". One of the Fellows has been reading his (long) novel aloud (!) since yesterday morning, and that's continuing tonight, so I'll head on over and see what's happened since I left. I believe the title character is poised to lose his mind "for good this time".


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